Canopy Glass Toughened

Glass, when installed in overhead roof-lights and skylights or at the storefront or big architectures, must be ‘safety glass’, often referred to as Toughened or Tempered glass. This glass is 4-5 times stronger than a standard annealed glass of the same thickness. The diversified product range and specialized processed glass products will certainly add value to any architectural, industrial or commercial property improvements as well as the safety benefit. The growth in the demand for specialized or processed Toughened Glass Canopy is not only popular across Africa but in major cities around the world too.

Specialist glass companies, such as RSG Glass Products, are engaged in the process of manufacturing processed glass products to meet the requirement of domestic and global needs. One of the high-end products includes Toughened Canopy Glass for residential, industrial or commercial segments in the domestic and international market. It not only provides the protection against physical intrusion from the outside but also used in interiors without the worry of breakage or injury.

In today’s world where durability and sustainability are highly desirable! Toughened Canopy Glass is the newest kind of product becoming an excellent choice for building decor. The toughened Glass Canopy is not fragile, as it is developed with latest manufacturing techniques and processes. This is now becoming strong, durable, and sturdy and hence considered a viable choice for more complex structural requirements of residential or commercial space or retail outlets.  It is strong and flexible enough to give the desired look to any structure and provide protection against several elements. The availability of Toughened Canopy Glass for higher structures as per speciation makes the designers and architects to maximum delight

Toughened Canopy Glass is available in Flat as well as Curved, with different thicknesses and sizes for different applications. Glass manufacturers, such as RSG Glass Products, produce a number of different toughened Glass Canopy designs that can be assembled within a frame as well as in Frameless structures. There are also designs than can be pulled or held together with stainless steel cable and/or rod systems that can best fit commercial, public, or domestic building entrances. With toughened Glass Canopies, you can create dynamic, functional structures that harness natural light to flow freely through the area.

The Retail sector is fast growing in an ever expanding and broader market. Brands are also competing to get noticed in the retail industry. The use of toughened Glass Canopies are an indispensable way to mark the presence of your business in the industry, standing out from the crowd and bringing a more aesthetic appeal to the outlets or commercial complex adding the noticeability factor, amongst other things. Since both aesthetics and security are paramount for any business, using a Toughened Glass Canopy will be the Clear solution to best meet such criteria.


RSG Glass Products are a specialist Safety Glass manufacturer and also have the largest Curve glass bending plant currently in South Africa – further engaged in the manufacture of other processed value-added glass products.  Along with the finest ability to Curve toughened glass in not one but two Radius spheres, namely by way of both a ‘Big-bender’ for thicker glass with bigger radiuses, as well as a ‘Small-bender’ for thinner glass with smaller radiuses - fabricating Curved glass and many other safety glass products not only for the domestic markets but to meet global requirements too. We believe in the highest quality standard possible when it comes to safety glass and we can cater any Curved or Flat Toughened Safety Glass, including of course Toughened Canopy Glass as per your specification or requirements. For a consultation to find out more about our extensive manufacturing capabilities and other product offerings, give us a call on +27 21 386 1370 today!

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