Toughened glass is also known as tempered glass. It's a type of safety glass created through a process of chemical or controlled thermal treatments. This process gives the glass far more strength than normal glass by compressing the outer and inner surfaces into tension.

When this type of glass is broken, it crumbles into small granular chunks. It doesn't splinter or create jagged shards like plate glass does. These granular chunks are preferred because they are less likely to cause injuries.

Toughened glass has many applications from passenger vehicle windows to architectural applications and more. At RSG Safety Glass, we use tempered or toughened glass for shower doors, architectural glass applications, as a component of bulletproof glass and for many other reasons. The strength of the glass makes it ideal for many safety glasses uses.

For Buildings and Structures
Frameless glass doors are one of the most popular applications for toughened glass. Since the strength of the glass can be up to seven times stronger than annealed glass, it adheres to building codes all across the world. This type of glass is also used for skylights, stairways, large windows, sliding doors, elevators and other components within many high rise buildings and other types of structures.

Types of Toughened Glass Cape Town South Africa

There are two main types of toughened or tempered glass. The two types are heat-strengthened and fully tempered. The heat-strengthened glass is about two times as strong as annealed glass. Fully tempered glass will end up about four to six times as strong as annealed glass.

The major difference between the two is the residual stress in the surface and glass edge. Fully tempered glass provides a stronger pressure resistance. The stiffness of the glass isn't changed throughout the process. Comparing the two types, fully tempered glass can take on a higher load than heat-strengthened glass.

There are many benefits of toughened glass. The process can make it as much as seven times as strong as annealed glass, which makes it perfect for many different applications. When it's broken, it won't shatter the same way as annealed glass, which reduces the possibilities of injury. Tempered glass can also withstand a higher temperature compared to annealed glass.

Tempered Glass Cape Town South Africa

At RSG Safety Glass, we provided many products with toughened glass. From shower doors to architectural applications, we manufacture all types of tempered glass products to meet your specifications.

Our team of glass experts understands the cutting and grinding that must be done before the tempering process. We take care of every step of the manufacturing process for you, to ensure that you receive the end product needed. Not only are we capable of toughening the glass, but we can also bend it to fit your needs.

We have provided glass products for many high rise building projects and other types of projects. At RSG, we use the top technology to deliver your glass products fast and accurately. If you need any type of toughened glass product created for your project, contact us and find out how our extensive experience can help you.

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