Toughened curved glass is a type of tempered glass, which goes through a heating, curving and rapid cooling process. The tempering process strengthens the glass to as much as seven times as strong as annealed glass. This allows for the glass to be used for a number of different projects and applications.

Since the glass is toughened, it doesn't break the same as regular glass. When broken, the toughened curved and bend glass will become small pieces, which are relatively harmless compared to the sharp splinters of regular glass. This helps to keep injury to a minimum.

Many different versions of toughened curved and bend glass are available from 4mm to 19mm glass thickness. Coated glass, double and triple glazed, laminated glass and even heat soaking glass is available in the curved variety.

Curved & Bend Laminated Glass Cape Town South Africa

Products made with curved laminated glass are created by permanently bonding two curved glass pieces together with a resin or an interlayer. This will help to hold the glass together even if it's broken. Since this type of glass is so strong and stays together when broken, it has become very popular for canopy and balustrade applications.

Any combination of glass can be made into a laminated curved and bend glass and it's very easy to customize for each project. The glass thickness can range from 4mm to 19mm and it can be coloured or left clear.

Curve & Bend Glass for Safety :

RSG has the ability to complete two kinds of bending according to our customer's requirements, small bends (A) and big bends (B)
1. For A bending glass:
Thickness: 4-12mm
The minimum radius: R?450mm ( this figure is only for the thickness range 4mm to 6mm.)
The maximum sizes: 1000mm ( arc length) x 2000mm (width)
The minimum sizes: 350mm ( arc length) x 200mm (width)

2. For B bending glass:
Thickness:  5-19mm
The minimum radius:
A: R?950mm,

The maximum sizes: 2400mm  ( arc length) x 3600mm  ( width)

All tempered glass is produced as per SABS standards and BRITISH STANDARDS.

Other Applications

Curved & bend glass is used for many other applications and comes in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colours. The most common applications include:

  • Circular staircases
  • Curved shopfront facades
  • Revolving doors
  • Curved skylights
  • Shower screens
  • Reception fronts
  • Canopies
  • And More!

It's often used in commercial high rise buildings to provide a luxurious feel and look. This type of glass comes in both toughened and laminated options, depending on the application.

The Process

As the glass goes through the process for bending, it will be heated in a toughening furnace to about 700 degrees Celsius. After it has been bent to the specifications, it is rapidly cooled to take the shape. This glass is produced in such a way to make it shock resistant and far more durable than annealed glass.
RSG Safety Glass is one of the only manufacturers with a toughening furnace in South Africa. The equipment we use, allows us to toughen and bend the glass to your specifications. We are the largest Curve Bending Plant in our region, ready to take care of your specific needs. We bend glass from 4mm to 19mm thick for high rise buildings, balustrades, shower doors and many other applications.

At RSG, we provide over 50 years of combined experience in the glass industry. Our facility uses only the best up-to-date technology and our design software allow us to produce and deliver a final product averaging about four days nationally. This makes us not only the largest Curve Bending Plant in our region, but also the fastest.

If you need any type of toughened curved and bend glass in Cape Town South Africa, contact us and we will provide you with the right product for your specific application.


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