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Sunergy® glass

Creativity without Limits

Sunergy® is a pyrolytic coated glass ( hard coated glass) that combines solar control with thermal insulation. It is an excellent response to current architectural trends, thanks to its very neutral shade and low light reflection

Sunergy® offers the following properties:

• superb solar control
• brilliant aesthetics
• low emissivity properties (low U-value)
• easy processing (hard coating)


Sunergy®  can be used in a wide range of applications. Its versatility is a key strength.


Its brilliant aesthetics and technical properties make it a perfect candidate for offices and building façades.


In most tropical climates, Sunergy is very suitable for use in residential applications
in single or double glazing.

Shop Windows

The neutral appearance of Sunergy means that it is suitable for shop windows.
Sunergy can lead to important cost savings in air conditioning and heating bills thanks to its solar control and thermal insulation properties.

Car Showrooms

Sunergy® can be used in single glazing’s and in very large dimensions. The prestigious cars are displayed at their best thanks to Sunergy aesthetics and low reflection.


Sunergy® is prized in airports for its neutrality, performance and low reflection.

It is used in single or double glazing in many airports:
• Ankara (Turkey): Sunergy Green
• Rio de Janeiro (Brazil): Sunergy Green
• Riga (Latvia): Sunergy Azur
• Bangkok (Thailand): Sunergy ClearSunergy coated Glass

Double-skin Façades

Sunergy® can be used in double-skin façades as the outer sheet.


Sunergy® is also very popular for conservatories for its neutrality and good balance of solar control (summer) and thermal insulation (winter).

Tramway Windows

Sunergy® can easily be curved and laminated in very specific applications requiring security and thermal performances.

Sunergy® glass can be processed into:

Toughened (Tempered) or Heat-strengthened glass

The complete range of Sunergy® glasses can be tempered or heat strengthened.

Laminated / laminated toughened/ laminated heat strengthened

The complete range of Sunergy® glasses can be laminated. If used as single laminated glass we recommend the coating is glazed in position 4 in view of
the technical properties. Clear Glass Solutions supplies laminated Sunergy® for safety (Stratobel)
or noise reduction

Curved Glass

The complete range of Sunergy® glasses can be curved. Clear Glass Solutions offer curved glass and Sunergy® is ideally suited for this application. We can bend single sheets, laminated sheets and even double glazed units.

Enamelling and Silkscreen Printing

The complete range of Sunergy® glasses can be enameled and silkscreen printed on the non-coated side (some conditions do apply).

Double Glazing / Insulated Glass Units

The complete range of Sunergy® glasses can be assembled into double glazing.
When Sunergy® is made into a double glazed unit the solar control and heat-insulating properties are improved. The options for architects and designers is exceptional . Let your imagination be the only limiting factor

Price Advantage:

As with any product, we are all looking to save on costs where we can. Clear Glass Solutions are rarely beaten on price or quality. Often our price is significantly lower then other suppliers whilst our quality remains exceptional.

Sunergy® - a solar control glass with pyrolytic low-e coating


Applauded for its superb appearance and visual comfort, Sunergy combines very low light reflection with a large range of colours. This range of solar control hard-coated glass (type A following EN 1096-1) guarantees a good comfort level by combining low E performance (low U value) and high solar control properties (low solar factor).

It also offers architects and glass processors limitless creativity to use a single glass in several ways: single glass, double and triple glazed units, laminated, bent, toughened, enamelled, etc.). Thanks to its pyrolitic technology, this range delivers good light and energy performances and good thermal insulation and is very easy to process.

Sunergy Energy Efficient Glass - vodaphoneADVANTAGES

Infinite shelf life

Thanks to the low E characteristics, it has a U value 1,8 W/sqmK, and can be combined with a second low E glass to reduce the U value even more
Lowers air-conditioning costs thanks to its low solar factor


Excellent for exterior applications such as facades of office buildings. It can also be used for windows in residential buildings.

Solar Control Low-E Glass (Sunergy®) 

Solar Control Low-E Glass is online solar control and Low-E coated glass. It has both solar shading feature and heat preservation feature which can keep a comfortable room temperature in all seasons.

The advantage: 

. Stability of aesthetic aspect.
. Solar control feature and low emission feature.
. Low light reflection and high light transmission.
. Easy processing.
. Not necessary to edge stripping before assembling IGU.
. Easy to store, the method is just like storing float glass.
· Windows and doors
· Exterior façade for commercial and residential buildings · Interior applications for furniture and partitions
· Enclosures and lifts 

Range Colors

The full range of SUNERGY glass is available in three colors:
SUNERGY Clear, SUNERGY Green, SUNERGY Azur and SUNERGY Dark Blue. 
· Thickness
Standard thickness in 6mm, 8mm and 10mm (see specifications for other thickness) 
· Sizes
Standard size in 3210mm x 2250mm, 3210mm x 2550mm & 3210mm x 5100mm 

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