Glass Splash Backs have become one of the most popular design features in architectural applications. They are found all over the world and have been around since about the late 1990s.

This type of product helps to enhance the appearance of the area of usage and can be used in both exterior and interior applications. Many designers and architects continue to use them and they are becoming more unique with every design. With a variety of colours and patterns available, this type of glass product has become more of a modern art piece than just a functional decorative addition.

What are Splash Backs Glass?

Splash Backs are actually coloured glass cladding and often used in bathrooms and kitchens. However, they can be used just about anywhere as art, partitions, floors, island fronts, signage, corporate logos, corridors, screening, trade show booths and more.

The coloured glass cladding allows for the creation of dimension, light and space due to the depth of colour and versatility. These products are low maintenance, very durable and provide a hygienic product fit for the kitchen or the bathroom.

Types of Splash Backs Glass

Many different types of Splash Backs are available in Cape Town South Africa. The basic type is a standard clear glass choice. This type is often used for showers and windows, while painting the reverse side white and can provide colour types with a blue/green tint. This tint is caused by the high level of iron found in the glass.

Another type of Splash Back becoming very popular is the mosaic. This type comes in many textures, colours and designs. It provides an easy to cut option with plenty of design options.

Standard glass is never recommended for a Splash Back. It's simply not strong enough and toughened glass is by far the better choice. Toughened glass will not cut you when it breaks because it shatters instead of splintering.

Benefits of Using Glass Splash Backs for Kitchens

The most common usage for a splash back is in the kitchen. This type of product comes with many benefits in the kitchen including:

  • Easy to Clean
  • Plenty of Colour and Design Choices
  • Heat Resistant
  • Looks very Luxurious
  • Allows for Light Reflection
  • Provides Plenty of Versatility
  • And more!

It's a great choice for all types of kitchens and can be the last piece needed to complete your perfect design.

Many high rise residential buildings use splash backs glass to create a more luxurious feel and look. Since this type of glass product is easy to clean and heat resistant, residents of the buildings prefer it over other materials.

Splash Backs from RSG Safety Glass

At RSG Safety Glass, we provide a variety of different colours and patterns for your Splash Backs Glass in Cape Town South Africa. We can customize the right piece for your specific needs, depending on the volume of glass. Our manufacturing process even allows for silk screening of ceramic hard coating to provide an even larger range of colour and pattern options.

When you're ready to create the right look and feel with splash backs glass, contact RSG Safety Glass. Our team will provide you with the necessary experience and technology to complete your project accurately and quickly.

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