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Frameless Shower Door in Cape Town

RSG Glass Products is a reputable supplier of safety glass products, including shower door glass panels in Cape Town. Our frameless shower door panels can really enhance the overall value of any bathroom by being a modern yet less bulky option than its counterparts. The perfectly designed frameless shower can be a simple upgrade that increases value and adds a unique touch of luxury to your bathroom.

The beauty of the glass inspires exceptional shower designs that play with flow, light, and elegance. All of our frameless shower panels in Cape Town are maintained to S.A.B.S – South African Bureau of Standards for quality standard testing and accreditation. SOUTH AFRICAN BUREAU  OF STANDARDS ( SABS ) Audit all our glass products,  including Frameless Shower Door Panels in Cape Town, to comply with the highest industry requirement every  6 Months. Be careful of companies who boast to have a once-off SABS certificate, but do not audit their products every 6 Months thereafter.

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