Performance glass is made to withstand warmer climates. This type of glass provides a great choice for high rise buildings found in warm climates or in areas with severe weather characteristics. The glass provides better solar control and better insulation in warmer climates. However, please note that it doesn't provide better insulation in cooler climates.

This type of glass is made with a colour through the glass to provide solar control performance. It will help keep the heat out and help to provide a more energy-efficient choice for high rise buildings and other structures. Some of the benefits of performance glass include:

  • Reduced amount of heat entering the building through windows
  • Colour throughout the entire piece of glass
  • Reduction in glare
  • A variety of tones available

With the right performance glass, you can provide not only better heat protection, but also a great exterior appearance to the building.

Types of Performance Glass in Cape Town South Africa

Choosing the right type of performance glass is very important. Not all applications require this type of glass to be toughened to a Grade A Safety glass.

  • Single Glazed Performance Glass - This is one of the most common types of performance glass. It's a single glazed type of glass, which can be toughened and provides an insulation choice for solar protection and it is in high demand for residential applications.
  • Laminated Single Glazed Performance Glass - Another type of performance glass, the laminated single glaze provides year-round comfort for many applications. It helps to provide solar control advantages with tone throughout. However, this type of glass also provides an additional coating to better insulate the structure during cooler climates. It's one of the most energy-efficient types of performance glass on the market.
  • Double Glazed Performance Glass - The most energy-efficient and best performance glass on the market is double glazed. This type of glass provides even better insulation compared to single glazed options by combining two pieces of glass with argon gas or air to fill the gaps. It provides year-round comfort with solar control and better insulation than regular glass during the cooler months.

Each type of performance glass is a bit different and provides the right choice for different applications. If you need to be able to customize the performance of the glass, the double glazed option may be best. This type of glass allows you to create different glass combinations and air gaps. It can be created to better fit your specific climate and needs.

The laminated single glazed option can be created to fit the standards of Grade A Safety glass. It can also come in multiple colours to provide a customized exterior look for your building.

Performance Glass from RSG Safety Glass

No matter your specific needs for performance glass, RSG has you covered. We create all types of glass products for high rise buildings, architectural applications and many other types of applications. We can customize the glass to fit your specific needs and ensure you have the protection you desire.

If you're ready to move forward with your project, contact our team today and find out what type of performance glass we recommend for your specific project in Cape Town South Africa.


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