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Laminated glass provides a stronger option than annealed glass because of the composite of layers bonded together. Multi-layered laminated glass can be used for many different applications due to the added thickness and strength. It's bonded together with polymeric interlayers to provide added strength and safety.

Categories of Multi Laminated Glass

Multi-layered laminated glass falls into three specific categories: Decoration, Security and View Controlled. Each category provides a different type of glass, for a different application.


Decoration laminate glass provides a safety glass with decorative material within the glass sheets. The material can be cloth, silk or anything else to create the desired decorate. This type of glass is used for many architectural applications and other decorative applications.


Security laminated glass is considered to be the king of all glass. It's made with enough strength to provide a bulletproof option and a shatterproof option. This type of safety glass provides PC board, PU film or insulated frame within the laminated layers for added insulation and security. It's often used in financial windows, train windows, escorting cars and many other applications.

View Controlled

View Controlled laminated glass provides safety properties without altering the view. This type of glass is made by laminating liquid crystal conductive materials in between the layers of glass. It's used mainly to control the view from outside and can be adjustable by using low-voltage power.

Each type of multi-layered laminated glass has a purpose and unique properties. The view controlled glass provides a good choice for meeting rooms, as it appears milky white to obstruct the view when turned off and appears clear when turned on. This type of glass can also be used in escort cars to obstruct the view of the outside world.

Since decoration can be created in between the layers of the decoration laminated glass, it can also obstruct the view. However, it's not used to obstruct the view on purpose. Instead, this type of laminated glass is used to provide colourful decoration to many buildings and structures.

Of course, the security category of laminated glass is used to resist theft and violence. This is a shake-proof type of glass, as well. It's often referred to as bullet-proof or bullet-resistant glass.

Multi Colour Toughened Glass from RSG

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