Laminated Toughened Glass

Toughened laminate glass is often best used in commercial public buildings where safety is paramount. However, there are also times when it could be a good investment for the home. If you have children, live in a rough neighbourhood or if you live in a high rise property, toughened glass can enhance the security of the home.

What is toughened glass? (Also known as Tempered glass)

Toughened glass is made up from either chemical or thermal treatments. It’s known to be up to five times stronger than standard glass, which means it takes a lot more force to get it to break. If it does break, there’s also the advantage that it shatters into tiny granular chunks. Standard glass shatters and often leaves behind pretty big jagged shards. These pose an increased risk of injury than tiny granular chunks.

Toughened glass is different to laminate glass. With laminate it has the same strength as a standard glass window, only it has two layers. There’s also a plastic interlayer sandwiched between the two layers. If the laminate glass gets broken, the interlayer works by holding the glass in place. This means there won’t be a hole in the window and you won’t be at risk of intruders.

If you want the ultimate protection, toughened laminate glass could be the answer. You get the protection of both the interlayer in the laminate and the more durable toughened glass. You also need to think that toughened glass on its own won’t provide any protection against intruders if it is broken. Enhanced laminate toughened glass will. That’s one reason you should consider the laminate option over just toughened glass.

Benefits of having toughened glass installed

As well as making it harder to smash, toughened glass also provides other benefits. For example, it blocks UV rays and will help to keep the heat inside on cold winter days. It comes with a choice of thickness levels and is available in different designs. It’s important to take several things into consideration before you install toughened glass in the home.

Things to consider

The first thing you need to consider is your budget. It will cost more to install toughened glass than it would with standard glass. While it’s a good investment, you may need to save a little before you commit.

You also need to consider the fact that toughened glass lets in slightly less light than standard glass. This means you won’t get as much natural lighting in the room. If you’re hoping to make the room look brighter and bigger, this could be a disadvantage.

Overall toughened laminate glass is well worth investing in and it can prevent serious injury. You can have it installed in your windows, doors, roof or even your shower screen. Think about the parts of the home that could be potentially dangerous if the glass was to break. Most importantly, make sure you choose a company you can rely on to install the toughened glass. It needs to meet several safety standards so remember to look at a company’s reputation before you use them.

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