If you want a luxurious look to complete the design of just about any room, glass table tops provide a unique option. This type of table top comes with many benefits and can be customized specifically for your wants and needs. Some of the reasons you may want to consider a glass table top include:

The Illusion of Space - Using a glass table top in the design of a room makes the room appear and feel larger. This type of application can be used in both residential and commercial properties to create an appearance of space.

Versatility - Glass table tops come in a variety of shapes, sizes thicknesses and even colours. They can fit into any design from vintage to modern to traditional and more.

Provides Protection - When used with a wooden table, a glass top can provide an added layer of protection. This type of application can be used for coffee tables, dining tables or any other type of table needing protection.

Low Maintenance - A glass table top is very easy to clean and won't stain like wood and other materials may.

There are many applications and reasons to consider a glass table top for your project. Since this type of table top is fully customizable, you can get the right fit for your specific needs.

Pros and Cons of Table Top Glass?

This type of table top comes with many pros and a few cons. With the right type of glass top, the cons are nearly all eliminated, however, the pros include:

  • Protects furniture
  • Provides a unique design element
  • Allows for the showing off of rugs and table bases
  • Looks elegant and luxurious
  • Easy to clean
  • Very safe (with the right table top)
  • Highly durable (with the right table top)
  • And More!

There are a number of pros that come along with glass table tops. Of course, there are also a few cons, which include:

  • Cheaply made options may cause injury when broken
  • Some choices are not very durable
  • Easily broken in high traffic areas

The three cons listed here all fit with a simple, regular glass table top.

Types of Glass Table Tops

Two main types of glass table tops are found on the Cape Town South Africa: Annealed and Tempered. Annealed or regular glass table tops are the type associated with the cons listed above. This type of table top is made from a thinner type sheet of glass and will create splinters and sharp edges when broken. This may cause serious injury.

Tempered glass table tops are the preferred choice. This type of glass has gone through a process, which provides a stronger choice with more durability. When a tempered glass top breaks, it breaks into millions of small pieces reducing the risk of injury. There won't be any large, jagged shards as with an annealed glass table top. A tempered table top will also withstand more abuse in a high traffic area.

At RSG Safety Glass, we create tempered glass table tops perfect for any application. Our glass table tops are created to provide an elegant look, while reducing the possibility of injury if broken. If you're looking for the top glass table tops in Cape Town South Africa, contact us today.

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