Ceramic Silk Screen Glass Cape Town South Africa

Glass is increasingly evolving with regard to its usages, and more so today than ever before, as it becomes a modern popular decorative material. This owing to its versatility of being able to attach additional elements to it. Ultimately allowing for unique compositions, which may be in the form of either pictures or graphics or both. This form does not only lend to a decorative purpose but can also be used as a practical aesthetic, in the event of controlled light flow, as well as a certain level of privacy that can be achieved through partial transparent glass.

The process is basically one of a mesh-based stencil being utilized to apply the ink to a substrate, in our case being glass, tempered glass. The paint used is ceramic-based. The glass is washed and the ceramic frit paint applied and fired to the glass, thus running the painted glass through a tempering furnace. Once this process is completed the ceramic paint design is then a permanent part of the glass. Led-free paint is now an environmentally friendly option.

This method allows for movement beyond the basics to free artistic expression through and on glass. Unique colors, tinted glass and patterns allow for endless designing options. Not forgetting the increasing usage of led-free paint, mindful of keeping your design environmentally friendly.

We at RSG welcome the opportunity to work alongside you to create your unique composition expressed on our tempered glass through this process of silk screening on the glass.

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