The Significance of Frameless Shower Glass Door

Posted on Jul 19

When it comes to home improvement, bathroom remodeling is one of the main tasks most homeowners consider. For beautiful bathroom renovation, frameless shower glass doors are the options you should invest in. Without hardware, this frameless shower glass in Cape Town will improve the overall look of your bathroom and will be easier to care also.

Considering frameless shower glass in Cape Town? Please take a look at the benefits before you make the final decision.

What are frameless glass shower doors?

The primary objective of a frameless shower door is to consider the minimalism. When you see them, you will realize on your own. They won’t have hardware around the glass. Typically, there are a few clips that hold the sheet of glass in place.

You will find the glass in the shower doors is much thicker than the framed glass doors. There are so many benefits of using frameless shower enclosures including both cosmetic and functional benefits.

The Style

Minimalist interior design in the shower is trending right now. It has made the frameless glass shower popular. With a frameless glass shower, your bathroom will be deemed as an upscale. Once you eliminate the hardware, you are no longer limited to how you decorate the remaining part of the bathroom. It gives you complete freedom and peace of mind while decorating the rest of the bathroom.

No Sizing Limitations

When you buy framed glass shower doors, you will find a specific standard set of sizes. Hopefully, your bathroom works with one of those available sizes.

Alternatively, you can cut the frameless glass to fit the size you need. This gives the doors enough flexibility. On the other hand, it’s an opportunity to tailor-make your shower doors. This means you can make them slide or create any size door.

No Corroding

Though there’s no hardware in frameless glass shower, there’s nothing to corrode. However, corroded metal is the most common reason behind the replacement of traditional metal framed doors.

No matter what, your shower will continue to look beautiful for years to come. This will save you money by not allowing you to do the replacement anytime soon.

Maximize Your Space

Obviously, a frameless glass shower enclosure can’t add square footage to your bathroom. What it can do is tricking your mind into thinking your bathroom is bigger.

Do you currently have a shower curtain? If yes, it seems like a fabric wall that divides your bathroom space. In short, it makes the bathroom look smaller.

A shower glass door is transparent; while it still divides the bathroom, but you don’t see it that way. You will feel like a much brighter, bigger, and airier bathroom.

Appealing Aesthetics

Installing a frameless shower door in your bathroom offers the room a stylish and modern look. They are ideal for homeowners looking for a designer and sleek bathroom space. In fact, the fitting of a frameless glass shower enclosure is a strong statement that has a positive impact on your house décor.

Mold Elimination

Mold will have fewer places to grow when there’s no hardware in the shower glass door for water to collect around. The framed shower door offers water the opportunity to collect under and across the door seals.

This collected water and the warm temperature inside the bathroom are the right environment mold growth. Then, you will have to fight the never-ending battle to remove the mold inside the bathroom.

Final Consideration –

Apart from all the benefits, frameless doors are the easiest to clean. Just wipe down the glass sheet and squeegee. Once you’re done wiping, the glass is clean and clear. When it comes to installing a shower glass in Cape Town, you should look no further than RSG Glass Products. For more information, please contact us right now at +27 21 386 1370.

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